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Create your own fonts in a really easy way


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Sometimes it's hard to find a good font for a specific design or presentation. You can spend hours looking for a free font that fits your needs, or you can put some of your energy into creating your own. With Birdfont this task can be really easy; it lets you create fonts in just a few hours, the only limit is your creativity.

The interface can be somewhat rough at first, but you can quickly get used to it. That said, there are also many tutorials on the official website that can help you understand the program better.

One of the most interesting features lets you add a background image and create your font from it, tracing the letters you see or using other shapes to create your own fonts.

You just have to add an image, crop it, resize it, and make it fit on the grid. After that you just have to add the vectors you'll use and hide the background image pressing a single button.

You can also import vectorial images from Illustrator or some other vectorial design program. If you want to create your own font, Birdfont is a completely free tool that has everything you need to make it easier.

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